1. Cleared Saturday schedule to write. Took 2 hour nap instead. 

  2. “I do not know what makes a writer, but it probably isn’t happiness.” - William Saroyan

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  3. "When you’re working all day and writing when you can — your writing suffers, and your life suffers, and you burn out."

    Rainbow Rowell

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    Well said, Mr. Whedon! (via the quotefactory)

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  5. What it feels like when you’re working on a book with a writing partner and you’re texting back and forth ideas and it all feels so possible. 


  6. A Writer Confession


    Sometimes when I write, I turn my music player on shuffle and when an upbeat, poppy song comes on, I stop and take a dance break. And it still pretty much looks like this:

    (Subtract some hair and add three years, of course.)

    Is this the key to breaking through our writerly malaise??

  7. When my more talented author friend gets published and becomes a big deal, I’m totally planning to photobomb her success and get her to blurb everything I write and ride her coattails to author-friend fame. 

  8. Send draft to critique partner. Refresh email every 10 minutes in combination dread and excitement. 

  9. When I think about how much work is yet to be done on the manuscript, I want to cry. But there’s no time for that nonsense. 

  10. Find out 16 year old got publishing deal based on One Direction fanfiction.  Choose fury over despair.